Review of New Suicide Squad: Pure Insanity

New Suicide Squad, Volume 1: Pure Insanity by Sean Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes, when a new artistic team takes over a comic, you see a complete shift in things (and I’m not referring to the artwork). Plots go sideways, characters fall through the cracks, and you basically need to start over. Considering this was a rebranding of Suicide Squad, I expected the same to happen. But Mr. Ryan and his team picked up (albeit already scattered) threads of the previous teams and moved on coherently.

Now, I have to ding them on the stereotyping of the problem zones (can you call them villains given the nature of Suicide Squad?). It’s a tired trope, and it was tired in 2015 when the publication hit shelves. Seriously, let’s apply better imagination here. But the pitting of “bad versus worse” makes for an interesting concept. Not to mention the mental games and breakdown of such a team. They haven’t tackle that theme before (not outside of Harley, anyway). It’s a promising start.

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