Review of New Suicide Squad: Kill Anything

New Suicide Squad, Volume 4: Kill Anything by Tim Seeley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sometimes I finish a comic, sit back, and go, “What in the world was the creative team thinking?” Yeah, this is one of those volumes.

Personally, I feel Mr. Seeley and Mr. Ryan came up with the title first and then went from there. Or they felt no reason to connect this volume to the work that preceded it. Maybe they knew the comic was getting a new rebrand (it enters the Rebirth stage after this) and felt no obligation to do anything more than pile up a body count. Who knows. That’s about how much sense it makes.

While I loved seeing Chato make a return (he’s always a favorite), and the usual hijinks produce the expected laughter, it’s full of random questions and holes that leave you squinting. (Rose Tattoo? Come on, guys) I’m not one to expect logic from comics – much less one for Suicide Squad – but this one tripped over the border of left field and kept going. I’m sure the team had fun, though.

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