Review of New Suicide Squad: Freedom

New Suicide Squad, Volume 3: Freedom by Sean Ryan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, eventually, things need to veer off-course, right? And I’m not referring to the plot. (Okay, I AM, but it works on two levels here) It’s almost a given that as soon as a comic settles into place, moving on track, someone decides to toss a monkey wrench into the works. Then you get a trainwreck of a plot where everything slams into a brick wall of, “I guess that makes sense” and “All right, you sort of tied up a few loose ends.” Then they tack on a few “bonus” content pieces that don’t contribute any extra material or insight to the plotline. (And in the case of the Katana bit, don’t even provide you with an ending or the promise of more to come, much less a hint of, “Hey, go here to find out how this ends!”)

Is it worth the read? Sure. The creative team continued to do a better job than in the first run. However, it’s a little tiring to get into a groove and then end up tossed out of it. Comics and consistency are NOT friendly bedmates. They’re barely roommates.

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