Finding Squeak

With Squeak, we always have questions. How much does he hear? Is he going to clock his noggin when he overestimates that jumps onto the chair? Is he crying because he woke from a nightmare? When it comes to his memory, though, we know the answer: it resets within a few minutes. With one exception: he always remembers where his seasonal sleeping spots are. … Read on…Finding Squeak

Playing Games

Nothing’s more important than finding ways to destress. And while your “flavor” may not always prove successful at that, nothing beats a rousing game night. You get laughter, shrieking, and comradery. It’s the perfect way to get together with family and friends – assuming you still have friends by the end of the night. … Read on…Playing Games

Fan Favorite

Everyone finds themselves intrigued by and fanning over SOMETHING. Before you know it, you’ve purchased every book in a series, watched every movie, and collected every piece of memorabilia you can lay your fingers on. And – if you’re a writer – you might have dabbled at playing around in the world. Fan fiction’s one of the best ways to job you’re writing brain. And you never know when it’ll lead you to the next best idea. … Read on…Fan Favorite