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Review of Suicide Squad: Discipline and Punish

Suicide Squad, Volume 4: Discipline and Punish by Aleš Kot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sometimes, when a shift in writers takes place, you end up with a jolt in the storyline. And Mr. Kot and Mr. Kindt were no exception to the tradition (spontaneously, everyone’s hale and healthy back in Belle Reve, with no big concern over Kurt Lance?). But the style and flow established in the previous three volumes? That didn’t change. And, personally, I welcome the snarky tags for the various characters – at least you get an idea of who everyone is. They aren’t particularly necessary for the main players in the game, but it’s helpful to have around for the new introductions. Because, let’s face it, Task Force X and the various members of the team bounce in and out like ping pong balls. But then we have the random introduction of the Syndicate, which I’m assuming readers are supposed to know from…well, my guess would be another comic. But without that little asterisk to send you scrambling for a different volume, it’s all smoke and mirrors and confusion. Suddenly, there’s no Belle Reve or even a Task Force X? Without an explanation? Don’t get me wrong – I loved the diversion into Harley’s little corner of the world, but it fell out of step with the established “status quo.” Where’d everything go? What happened? I double-checked my copy to make sure I wasn’t missing pages. I get that you want to feature new talent, DC, but there’s this thing called a story arc? And you should try to stick to it.

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