Review of Suicide Squad: Death is For Suckers

Suicide Squad, Volume 3: Death is for Suckers by Adam Glass

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I realize the first volume was labeled “Kicked in the Teeth,” but talk about a real kick in the teeth (for the reader)! Mr. Glass doesn’t believe in pulling his punches – for anyone. Of course, I have to applaud him setting Harley on her own two feet finally (much more in keeping with her character), even if he took a brutal angle in doing so. But he doesn’t cut ANYONE on Task Force X much slack – and that goes for Waller (though I suppose it’s a debate on whether you believe she’s a member of the team or not). However, it’s nice to get a little clarity on why they’ve been running ragged on some of these missions, tying a few loose ends into a whole. I still hold a slight grudge on the fact that I have no earthly idea who some of these characters are (Unknown Soldier, really? Is that an actual character, or did the creative team run out of steam and decide they couldn’t come up with anything better?), but that seems to be a running theme with comics. And it’s a small price to pay for well-written and executed entertainment.

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