Review of Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

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You know when you’ve glanced at a book over and over for AGES, setting it aside for no particular reason you can put your finger on? Then you decide, “What the hell? Why not?” (Or, you know, you’re To Read pile is looking a little weak, and you want to infiltrate some new author blood into it) And a quick peek into the first chapter confirms that it ISN’T written in the dreaded present tense that’s confined SO MANY other potential books back to the shelf. Suddenly, you’re ONE CHAPTER in and kicking yourself for waiting so long? Yeah – thank you, Ms. Taylor!

What is there to say? Within a handful of sentences, you find yourself swept up into this magical impossibility that’s real and concrete. Every character lives and breathes beside you in a way few authors manage. And the emotions are so vibrant that you can feel them twisting around in your chest. You bounce around, insistent on finding answers. (Not going to lie – I had SO MANY theories about the teeth. And not one was correct) And when Ms. Taylor finally lays them out at your feet, they make complete sense and fill in the stitches on the tapestry that is the Elsewhere world. Way too many nights, I forced my eyes open, determined to read another scene, another chapter – desperate to lose myself in the world. It’s so beautiful.

And, yes, when I finally closed the book? I kicked myself. I should never have dallied and waited to pick up the book. Mea culpa

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