Review of Harley Quinn: Harley Destroys the Universe

Harley Quinn, Vol. 2: Harley Destroys the Universe by Sam Humphries

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You have to appreciate writers willing to poke humor at the system they work for. And what’s a bigger issue with comics than continuity? So I have to applaud Mr. Humphries and Mr. Russell for allowing Harley (or, rather, Meredith) to run rampant with continuity among the DC universe and turn everything on its head. Even without a complete understanding of the various characters and their stories, you get the mayhem. (Please – the dinosaurs?) And Johnni DC is the perfect blend of exasperation and sass. You can almost see DC having a division where she’s employed on the side. The humor helps soften the blow you feel coming in the background with Harley’s mother. And, as a devoted animal-lover (and a woman), the final installment with the cats was sheer perfection. As comics frequently decide to undercut the female gender, I tip my hat to these gentlemen.

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Author: Andria Kennedy

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