Suicide Squad Vol 1.: Kicked in the Teeth

Suicide Squad Vol 1.: Kicked in the Teeth

Suicide Squad, Volume 1: Kicked in the Teeth by Adam Glass

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a situation I prefer: I’ve seen the movie before picking up the book. (So I don’t spend the entire film screaming at the screen that they screwed things up) But, to Mr. Glass’s credit, it’s not terribly far afield. Oh, the plot’s not the same, but the underlying characters are there. And so is the twisted logic of the operation of Task Force X. This comic just presents everything in a more twisted light that’s appropriate for comic readers and fans of the various characters featured. (Okay, so-so: I reserve my judgment on his treatment of Harley given how the final half of the volume proceeds) Unfortunately, if you DON’T know the characters that aren’t given an introduction – or some form of context – you’re left grasping for details to figure out who they are and why they’ve landed in Belle Reve. And while DC has plenty of villains (and vigilantes) to choose from to populate the prison, that can get irritating. Reading with a scorecard is never an enjoyable experience (coughSpider-Verse or Game of Thrones cough). Overall, though, it’s an interesting change from the comics I’ve currently delved into – I’ll give Mr. Glass that much credit.

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