Review of Black Cat Vol. 1: Grand Theft Marvel

Black Cat, Vol. 1: Grand Theft Marvel by Jed Mackay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Now, I’m not opposed to tackling comics about villains (though we know antiheroes are where my heart lies), and Mr. MacKay does a credible job of making Felicia likable. (It doesn’t hurt that she has an affinity for cats, either) Pairing her up with the best henchmen to ever enter the realm of villainy doesn’t hurt, either. She may want to set up a course on where you find them, as most help is hard to find for the villain sect. And the humor’s priceless. But what does Marvel have against unique names? Black Cat AND Black Fox? Could Mr. MacKay not come up with anything else that sounded clever and mysterious? Not to mention that, as a first volume, it might be nice to lay down some backstory for readers who haven’t picked up the Spider-Man comics where Black Cat made her first appearances. It leaves you grasping at straws and attempting to figure out a major plotline you don’t have much of a reference for. (I get it; you expect someone to rush out and buy other storylines. But as someone who isn’t THAT invested? It’s not going to happen, so mission fail) Not the best comic I’ve encountered to date, but not the worst.

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