Review of Harley Quinn Vol. 6: Black, White and Red All Over

Harley Quinn, Vol. 6: Black, White and Red All Over by Amanda Conner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And here it is, the end of an “era:” the final volume of Harley that I had yet to read (written by Ms. Conner and Mr. Palmiotti, at any rate). And at least I can say it doesn’t disappoint. Red Tool’s grand entrance is every bit as hysterical as his existence in the remainder of the comic series. And you can’t help but love him – on some level. He’s the perfect comedic foil for Harley. (At any rate, his heart’s in the right place) In a lot of ways, having read ahead, it makes his motivation that much easier to comprehend. The nuances of his character pop out. And, of course, the introduction of Chief Spoonsdale is perfect. (I had wondered when he was going to make an appearance) This tied together all of the loose threads in a way that made me sitting back, satisfied that I’d found the remainder of the story.

(Well, perhaps one loose thread is still hanging. But since I have a related volume sitting on my shelf as I speak, I’m going to guess I’ll have that answer shortly)

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