The Dead Pool (Health)

The Autopilot Concept

Times might be awkward right now, but there are still options out there for exercising. Yes, I can hear you groaning, but taking time out to exercise DOES benefit the writer. How? It's time your mind is left unfettered and free to WORK! Your body goes on autopilot, leaving your brain the chance to get through knots in your writing, develop scenes, create characters, whatever you need!

Bag of Tricks (Tools of the Trade)

Color-Coding, Erasable, Visible – Oh, My!

Whether you're a short story writer trying to manage where your stories are in the universe, or a freelancer - like me - trying to juggle your work life, organization is key. One of the best ways I've found to do this is with whiteboards. They can be erased and changed easily, they can be color-coded, and they're easily displayed so you can see them at all times.